Language school of greeting?

Greeting in the language school to learn English, it will be, of course to communicate in English. For the shy Japanese, among the first it is somehow something embarrassing, but it would be to get used immediately. Like learn in Japan, Good Morning, greeting that such is not used. Casual, Hi! It is okay only. After them, and How are you doing?, It is perfect if it is possible to ask the condition of the other party. Since the other party also asks also, let's return the friendly to reply to as Good and Ok. It is a simple exchange, but I also an opportunity to make new friends in a language school.

Greeting and classification

Ability difference between the individual because easy prominently appeared in educational institutions to hone the ability to talk to or write the words, you may be classified according to the level after the enrollment is performed. If there is an opportunity to greet a foreign language soon after admission, it is reasonable to assume that exert a strong influence on the results of the classification of the language school. Teaching experience rich lecturer who is located in the easy tendency to be used to determine the individual's ability even a little greeting about. If you use only simple words Unplug the hand, it will be distributed to the entry-level class, even in the language school.



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